Latexpedic Natural Latex Foam Mattresses

We welcome you into the family of Latexpedic foam-mattress.

We are a family owned and operated business dedicated to your sleeping excellence.

Latex Beds allow you to sleep easier in unbelievable Comfort. Choose from both our natural-mattress and our organic-mattress selection.

Organic mattresses are made all with pure natural latex foam from the rubber tree.

No other latex-mattress will offer your more comfort, support, pressure relief and breathability.

The Organic Comfort natural-bed is so comfortable and relaxing, you are going to wonder how you ever waited so long to pamper yourself; or choose from our All Pure 99.87% organic-bed.

The time you can get a good night’s sleep has a lot to do with the way you feel. Instead of hardness and soreness that you usually get on a conventional, innerspring mattress, Latexpedic allows you to sleep comfortable all night on millions of Latexpillo Air Cells, making the one-third of your life you spend in bed, more luxurious.

If you are in the market for a foam-bed; whether it is the best memory foam mattresses; or a latex bed a memory faom

Select from the best selection of latex-mattresses for your personal use, and take a health break.


Choose from the best selection of Latex Natural Beds and Organic Beds.

NOTHING! Will give you a better night’s sleep than a Latexpedic Latex Foam Mattress!!